About The Company

Tapp Palmer, Founder and CEO of Clubstore Outlet, LLC, (CSO) has spent years building, managing, and perfecting the CSO business model and operating structure. After opening Costless Outlet, his very first Wholesale Club Overstocks Outlet in Charleston, SC in 2008, he quickly realized the huge consumer demand for the merchandise he carried. Even during the height of the recession, his store had astronomical sales in year one, with no advertising, in a low-rent 4,000 sq. ft. building hidden off the beaten path. He quickly developed a loyal customer base that was spread by word of mouth. To date, Mr. Palmer and his team have opened over 20 of these Overstock Outlets for entrepreneurs throughout the country, with 10 more opening this year after launching his unique and exciting business concept as a franchise. These numbers are projected to steadily increase to over 40 stores by the end of 2016.


The CSO model is simple and efficiently structured to provide profitability and ease of operating management. It is a total turnkey set up for new franchisees with low start-up costs, complete training, and ongoing support. CSO offers a unique mix of inventory they can purchase at huge discounts from Wholesale Club retailers clearing out overstocked items, shelf-pulls, open box and damage box items and customer returns.


The strong business relationship between Mr. Palmer’s company and major Wholesale Clubs allows CSO to receive high quality overstock products then resell them at deep discounts in their storefronts to the general public with no membership fees. On average, CSO resells the goods at a 30%-40% below wholesale clubs and up to 50% below other retail stores. The merchandise is made up of everything from non-perishable grocery items, cleaning and paper products, clothing, furniture, small appliances, electronics, TV’s, home décor, toys, patio furniture, housewares and much more.


Shipments arrive weekly on average to replenish merchandise flying off the shelves. There is always something new and different which creates consumer shopping excitement and anticipation of what’s coming in next at incredible jaw-dropping prices. Its truly a win-win for everyone.The CSO franchisee has a fun, easy, very profitable store, Wholesale Clubs are making room for their new incoming inventory, and the customer is thrilled with the value and variety CSO provides.